In the beginning was The Word ...
thus our lives become stories written in the book of life. 
The Givers of Life created you and I in Their image ...
thus our stories are illustrated in moving pictures.  

As we dwell in The Word ,
we speak, we sing, we move as the world watches.
And for those whom we care about,
we want to see their stories with a happy ending.

Here at,  
you will find stories with a happy ending,
some even with illustrations,
kind of like a 'grown-up' children book.  
And we would hope all children books
come with a Happy Ending!  

For I just can't imagine anyone
writing a story with a sad ending for a child.
As my model author, Susan Elizebeth Phillips, says,
"Life is too short to be reading depressing books!"


Aleiya loves writing stories,
as well as listening to others tell their stories.
She loves to read stories as well,
especially those with a happy ending :)

She believes in the miracles of the past 
and the miracles that are yet to be.  
The fact that you are here

visiting her website
is a miracle happening.

She believes miracles happen to everyone,
because we are all very special to Him who created us!
And we can definitely count on Him  
Through it all!​​​​

Through It All - A performance at the Hillsong Concert