Chapter 13

On The Wings of Love

Kwan wasn’t exactly certain how she was going to survive the entire night playing nurse to Fei.  Not being able to have a full night of sleep was not the problem for she had slept her fair share during the long flight, and even managed to catch a couple more hours after checking into the hotel this morning.  Tonight, her struggles were more to do with her feelings for Fei.  Her original plan was not to let any of her family and friends know of her return to Hong Kong until the medical conference was over next week; well, perhaps just her immediate family, which she would have had made them swear not to tell a soul.  The renowned middle-age doctor was also planning to take this rare opportunity to travel Asia with his wife who would be joining him after the one-week convention, thus giving Kwan another three weeks to stay in Hong Kong before returning to Baltimore to start her summer semester.
When Kwan was asked by Dr. Millard himself to accompany him as his interpreter when he was asked last minute to fill in as a special honorary guest speaker for a medical convention in Hong Kong, she had less than 5 hours to get ready before boarding the flight.  She had just arrived in Hong Kong for less than 5 hours when Fei saw her across the street from the hotel.  She was on her way back to the hotel to take Dr. Millard out for an Asian breakfast after doing some banking nearby when the accident happened.
Now 12 hours later, Fei was in her hotel room occupying the extra queen-size bed that was next to hers. Kwan’s job for the night was to take his vitals and test his cognitive skills every few hours to make sure he was not suffering from any brain injury.  When Kwan came out of the bathroom, she noticed how Fei had made himself comfortable in his bed.  “Have you brushed your teeth yet?”
Fei observed her with all seriousness for a moment before answering.  “Are you asking as my nurse or as my future wife?”
“There is only one role that can possibly describe my current relationship with you, so you tell me!”  Kwan placed her hand on the phone and warned him.  “But if you give me the wrong answer, I’ll tell Dr. Lam you have brain damage and admit you back to the hospital right away!”
Fei pouted and gave her a playful snub.  “Fine! Nurse Mo!” 
After Kwan gave him a satisfying smile and took her hand off the phone, Fei got out of his bed. 
“I need to take a bath now!” 
Kwan noticed he was sitting on the bed looking at her.  She moved out of his way, but he still sat there.  “You need help standing?”
“You’re my nurse!  Aren’t you supposed to bathe your patient?”  Fei gave her a smirk.
“I think Bui Yee is more qualified for the job!”  Kwan grabbed her purse and pretended to search for her cell phone.  “I can give her a call now!”

Fei finally got up and headed towards the bathroom. “Some nurse you are!” 
Kwan chuckled and thought she should give him some consolation for his persistence.  “If you are not out in 10 minutes, I will call an ambulance in case you fell unconscious!”
“Not going to happen!” He stopped just before the entrance and noticed for the first time how grand the bathroom was.  “Wow!”
Kwan turned around to see him gesturing at the grandness of the bathroom.  “10 minutes!”
“But there’s a Jacuzzi!”  Fei whined playfully.  “Make it 30!”
Kwan smiled to herself at his unrelenting attempt to win her heart again since he woke up at the hospital.  Just when her heart was starting to melt, she shook it off to bring herself back to reality.  While he was in the shower, Kwan took out the blood pressure cuff and thermometer from her pouch and placed them on the bedside table so she could conveniently check his vitals throughout the night.  After that, she turned on the television and checked out the programs that were offered by the hotel.  When Fei returned from using the bathroom, she asked him what he would like to watch on television.  She gave him two options, a movie or the news.
While trying to decide, he noticed she was preparing to take his vitals.  Without thinking, he reached for her arm.  “Can I have option number 3?”
Kwan froze at hearing his question because ‘Option 3’ was their code for intimacy in the past when they were a couple.  Before she even turned to look at him, Fei realized what he just said and tried to clarify his statement before misunderstanding took over the situation.  He took his hand off her arm and gestured nonsensibly.  “I didn’t mean that kind of op…option…you know!”
Seeing his blushing expression, Kwan couldn’t help but release her inner chuckles.  “You mean option 3?”
“No, …Yah! No! …, I mean…not you and I kind of option 3!”  Fei was choking on his words.  “You know what I mean!”
Kwan shook her head.  “No, not really!”
Then they both started laughing at their awkward conversation before Fei finally explained himself.  “I was hoping you could massage my back.  I am starting to feel the soreness on my shoulders and lower back.”

First day after the medical convention, Fei met up with Kwan to have breakfast.  His cell phone rang while she was in the parking lot waiting for him to return with the parking ticket.  By the time she got to it, it had stopped ringing.  Just then, Fei opened up his side of the door and placed the parking ticket on the dashboard.

Kwan handed him the phone.  “Your phone just rang.  Is it the station?” 

Fei checked the number of the missed call.  “No, not the station.  I don’t recognize the number.”  As they made their way to the elevator, a message notification flashed.  “Hmmm…..there is a message!”

After getting out of the elevator, Fei dialed his phone to retrieve the message.  Kwan noticed the furrowed brows on his face.  “Is something wrong?” She asked as they started walking towards the restaurant.

“It appears we forgot to cancel our booking with the church.”  After saving the message, he put away his phone and grinned at Kwan.  “They just called to ask us for the wedding details.”

Kwan gasped when she realized their predicament.  “We booked it last year for July 8.  I completely forgot about it after giving them the advance payment.”

He brushed his fingers through his hair to hide his foolishness for not remembering either.  “I guess it’s too late for a refund now.”

She looked at her watch. “Well, by right, we still have three weeks.”

Trying to hold back a smirk, he asked cheekily. “Do you mean three weeks to get ready for the wedding?”

“Right, you’re unbelievable!” She gave him a look that meant she couldn’t believe he would turn this into a joke.  “We just lost ten thousand dollars!”

“Why not?”  He took her hand and pulled her away from approaching the receiving desk at the entrance of the restaurant.  “What do I have to do to get you to marry me again?”

“I never married you so I can’t marry you again.”

“You know what I mean.”

“I only know I’m hungry!”  She dragged him back to the receiving desk and asked the hostess for a table for two.  After placing their order, she dealt with the urgent matter at hand and reminded him. “You need to call the church to cancel the booking.” 

He saw a touch of sadness in her eyes.  Throughout the week, she had avoided the subject of their relationship.  He did not tell her about him finding the ring she had lost.  However, he had been dreaming of ways to propose to her again with the same ring.  This time he knew he had to come up with something very special to convince her that she was his ultimate choice.  While looking at her, he felt a yearning to hold her hands in his.

“Remember how you said fate proved we were meant to be together by letting you find the ring last year?”  Fei asked and then he noticed she wanted to pull her hands away.  He held them tighter.  “What does fate have to do to prove you are meant to me my wife?”

Kwan tried to look away from his eyes, but she was fighting a losing battle.  His pair of determined, yet tender loving eyes communicated his intention to ally with fate in winning her back.  She knew she had been procrascinating all week in dealing with her feelings for Fei.  It didn’t help when he ceased every opportunity to show his intention.  She was almost convinced by his persistence which was why she finally gave in to have breakfast with him alone this morning.  But then her cautious and stubborn nature took over again and she managed to pull her hands away from his.  “Well, I suppose Fate would need to help one of us find the ring again.”  Memory of the ring falling into the deep water made her heart sank to her stomach.
He leaned forward with a hint of a smile.  “So you are saying you’ll marry me if fate was on my side.  We won’t need to cancel the church.  We will just let it be!” 
Kwan believed it was an impossible task even for fate.  Misplacing it once was a warning, dropping it into the deep sea was the sign that their marriage was not meant to be.
As soon as the words rolled out from Fei’s tongue, ‘Let It Be’ started playing in the background.  Then he flashed the smile she couldn’t resist, the one with the dimple.  “It looks like fate is already lending me a hand!”
Kwan couldn’t help but chuckled and shook her head in disbelief.  But she didn’t think it was possible for anyone to find the ring, let alone Fei.  “If fate is ever to be on your side, then I would have to ‘Let it be’, wouldn’t I?” 

Fei smiled and sat back into his chair.  “Yes, you would!”

“Call the church!  Don’t hold up the spot!”  Kwan told him in a get back to reality tone.
Two days later Fei was told by Chi Shan that his application for training had been processed.  He appeared not to be too happy to receive the news.  “So when do I need to leave for England?”

“I’m not sure if what I’m about to tell you is a good thing or a bad thing.”  Chi Shan handed the file to Fei and sat back into his black leather chair with a sigh. 

Fei studied his leader’s face. “What do you mean?”  He then opened up the folder in his hand and glanced through the top page.  “Quantico, Virginia?”  He looked up in puzzlement.  “Is that in England?”

Chi Shan elbowed himself on his desk.  “When Yau Sir told me about the training program, I just assumed it was the one in England.  I didn’t realize he meant the FBI training at the National Academy in Quantico.”

“FBI?!”  He was stunned by the news. “As in The X Files kind of FBI?”

Chi Shan smiled.  “That’s the only kind I know.”  When he saw the smile on Fei, his heart was at peace.  “I gather you take it as good news then?”

“I had no idea Yau Sir thought I was made of FBI material.”  Fei admitted humbly.
Chi Shan got up from his seat and walked around his desk and extended his hand to Fei.  “Congratulations on making FBI training!” 

Fei accepted and they shook hands.  “Thank you, Sir!”
“There is someone else you need to thank!”  Chi Shan gave him a squeeze of the hand.  “We all believe you have what it takes to be a successful investigator.  But Kwan was the first one who saw that and put it in your file when she wrote up your report two years ago!”

Upon hearing that, Fei quickly skimmed through the pages looking for something specific.  When he found it, he reiterated it aloud.  “Orientation July 12.”  After closing the file folder, he looked up at Chi Shan.  “I need your help!”

“You sound so urgent, what is it?”

Kwan was strolling in the mall by herself to past time while Bui Yee was getting her hair done at the salon.  When she was passing Café De Coral, she looked through the open glass and noticed Fei was inside the restaurant.  He was with Chin Chin, Ah Man, Chi Shan, Gigi and Korean.  When he didn’t contact her the day after their breakfast, she thought perhaps he was caught up with solving a case at work.  When she didn’t hear from him on the second day, she thought he was finally giving up on his pursuit of her.  Right now, seeing him bonding with his friends brought about a sour feeling in her heart which she couldn’t explain. 
Just as she was about to turn to walk away, Gigi spotted her.  Then she saw Fei waving for her to come inside.  When she hesitated, he started to approach her with gladness written all over his face.  Kwan could see he was no longer the man with emotional conflict.  When he smiled and grabbed her hand, she felt her feet betraying her as they followed him inside the restaurant. 

On The Wings of Love

Jeffrey Osborne

Just smile for me and let the day begin
You are the sunshine that lights my heart within
I'm sure that you're an angel in disguise
Come take my hand and together we will ride

On the wings of love up and above the clouds
The only way to fly is on the wings of love
On the wings of love only the two of us
Together flying high, flying high upon the wings of love

You look at me and I begin to melt
Just like the snow when a ray of sun is felt
I'm crazy 'bout you baby. Can't you see?
It felt delighted if you would come with me

On the wings of love up and above the clouds
The only way to fly is on the wings of love
On the wings of love only the two of us
Together flying high, flying high upon the wings of love

Yes, you belong to me and I'm yours exclusively
Right now we live and breathe each other
Inseparable it seems, we're flowing like a stream
Running free, travelling on the wings of love

(Together flying high)
(The wings of love)

On the wings of love, up and above the clouds
The only way to fly is on the wings of love

On the wings of love nnly the two of us
Together flying high, together flying high